A new customer can cost 5x more…

A new customer can cost 5x more...

…than an old customer.


Marketing takes up a lot of space in the business owners world.  And lets be frank, it has to. If growth is a major strategy for the future, then marketing has to be up front and centre.

However, there could be more ways to skin a cat. Instead of finding new clients you could market to your already existing clients.

The database of a business is often overlooked for its capacity to market directly to their clients and continue to develop relationship building activities. A good database is one of the most valuable assets that your business can have.

All businesses have a database of one kind or another, it is a collection house for information on all things to do with their clients or customers – hopefully. If a business owner prioritises the importance of this information and organises it in such a way, it then has a usefulness that is paramount to generating revenue.

Ultimately this information will produce efficiencies and generate more sales.

The benefits of a customer database is it costs you far less to sell more goods and services to your existing customers than to find new customers.

Use your database too:

  • Keep in touch and build relationships
  • Promote special offers
  • Up sell to new services or products
  • Advise them of upcoming services or products
  • Segment customer demographics to suit specific services
  • If a customer has bought once, they will buy again and are often just waiting for the next offer
  • Track results
  • Test and measure different promotions to different groups

Database marketing gives you a more focused marketing approach. You can understand your clients and customers more by knowing their profile. Things like; who are our best customers, what do they like specifically?

The most important part is deciding how you want to use this information. Your decision will determine how you design the database. The balance is always between keeping it simple while being efficient.

Consider the context of your database and what you will market to it. This will rely on your marketing strategy, list your marketing outcomes and what needs to happen to make these work.

It really is straightforward and you’ll be please you did.

Start now.

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