A company strategist who has worked in the business sector for more than 20 years, Sharon Styman is passionate about helping business owners to develop growth strategies that shift their future.

Sharon has served as a director for multiple multi-million-dollar businesses and has experience across a diverse range of industries, including professional services, automotive, hospitality, recruitment, health and fitness and construction.

She began her coaching service in the late nineties, after identifying a shortage of resources to support business owners.

Originally trained with David Rock from Results Coaching, Sharon holds an Associate Degree in Business, a Master of Business Administration and has completed Company Directorship training with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

With a wealth of experience and a dynamic personality, Sharon works with business owners who have built their company from the start-up phase, bringing clarity to their vision and helping them to develop strategies for future growth, or even exit plans.

Drawing on her deeper perspective of human dynamics, she also identifies what drives a business owner and helps them to find ways to continue to achieve joy in their business.

She also has a strong commitment to her personal development and a passion for life-long learning and growing. 

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys bushwalking, health and fitness, reading and watching good movies.  Her zest for life also means she loves adventure holidays, including rafting down the Grand Canyon or hiking to Machu Picchu.