For Anyone Who Knows Me…

Sharon Styman photograph_For anyone who knows me

For anyone who knows me, you will know I love to go deep.

Human habits, patterns, cycles and behaviours have always intrigued me into understanding the deeper goings on in the human psyche.

Particularly my own.

I have been my very own best guinea pig throughout my life.  Between one issue or another.  I have always been committed to learning more.  There are times, I truly put myself into very uncomfortable circumstances to test the waters.

However, when it comes to business and building lifestyles that are meaningful and important and have a lot of responsibility hinging on outcomes, I do take things seriously.

That’s why back in 2013 I undertook the study of E DISC behavioural profiling.  Let me tell you, back then, I probably didn’t understand it’s full capability – until last week when I completed a refresher course.

Armed with an extra (almost) 10 years of experience, I saw the validity of this instrument in full light and its depth of awareness that can give employers and business owners a true sense of what their key employees may be experiencing in the workplace.

It’s well renowned that non-verbal cues speak louder volumes of noise when it comes to communicating.  This E DISC instrument enlightens one, in an understanding of behaviours that even the one taking the test will not envisage that is revealed.

It truly is remarkable.

As I said – there are many layers to its complexity and as an example, 70% of the population fall into two levels of the behavioural psychometry and the other 30% fall into the other two levels.  Obviously four being into total as to the differentiating behavioural styles.

It uncovers the individuals’ decision-making styles:

  • Are they result driven, or relationship driven?
  • Do they need strong support or little?
  • Are they even in the right role fit?
  • Can they manage change, or do they prefer stability?
  • Can they handle rejection or being wrong?

Extraordinary to observe and to uncover.

Another link in the unravelling of armour in the interpersonal world of self-development.

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