Managing Your Business in Uncertain Times

Managing Your Business in Uncertain Times

To survive and thrive, it’s vital to understand as much as possible about managing your business in uncertain times. Without doubt, the past two years have presented business owners with a number of unprecedented challenges. Terms such as resilience, endurance and grit have become commonplace when describing the rollercoaster ride many business owners have taken recently.

Taking charge and making the right decisions at the right time is critical. However, you may find yourself unsure of what to do next. Understanding the business cycle you are operating in is vital.

Having the support of clients, family and friends, and fellow business professionals is also crucial. The knowledge and understanding of other business owners often provides valuable insights that enable you to refine and shape your business processes and daily operations.

Expert Help Has Arrived!

To guide you and your business through these uncertain times, I’ve teamed up with two fellow business specialists who are experts in their field. Together, we’ve formulated an informative and compelling one-day business event where we provide informed guidance and proven solutions to three critical areas of your business: Managing finance and cashflow, managing people and knowing what to do next.

The program centres around the cycles of business and how to plan, anticipate and know what to prepare for when each stage of the cycle arrives and finishes. You’ll leave feeling prepared and ready to make the best decisions possible – now and in the future.

Improve Your Financial Confidence & Prepare for the Year Ahead

Being confident in the financial side of your business is key to success. Finance specialist, Belinda Hall, will showcase:

  • Discover the 5 major financial elements in your business
  • Organise and monitor your business operations to capitalise on financial cycles
  • Develop a comprehensive financial calendar
  • Learn how to interpret and improve your financial position
  • Keep your finances on track to encourage and underpin continued growth

During this session, you’ll implement practical examples of the above and take away an annual checklist that will support your trajectory to financial and business success.

The Employee Lifecycle: Minimising Risk & Planning for Success

Our Human Resources specialist, Karen Arnold, will deliver and informative session on the significance of the employee lifecycle. Karen will help you understand how this lifecycle impacts your business and identify the greatest areas of risk for your business. You’ll discover:

  • Identify the key stages through the HR lifecycle where businesses will find themselves exposed
  • Develop the action plan to fill in the gaps you identify in your business and its processes
  • Work towards a headache-free compliance system and celebrate success

After Karen’s session, you’ll have the tools you need to minimise your risk in the employee lifecycle and point your business toward future success.

Strategy is Crucial for Managing Your Business in Uncertain Times

I’ll deliver an informative, practical session on WHY your strategy and vision are crucial to business success. Some business owners believe developing a strategy is a one-time event. This is definitely not the case. Did you know that a business vision is crafted and refined over time? In successful businesses, the two work hand-in-hand to provide a consistent and sustainable approach.

In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time on reviewing both your strategy and vision, to evaluate your thinking and assess whether you’re currently on the right track toward success. This is a valuable opportunity to take time to work ON your business, to plan a future strategy that ensures you’re match-fit for growth and success.

Learn How to Take The Lead and Make the Right Decisions

Are you ready to learn how to be prepared, agile and flexible in business?

Want to take charge by setting your business up for success in finance, human resources and strategy? Don’t miss out on this fantastic one-day event to assist with managing your business in uncertain times.

Book now and mark the date on your calendar – Thursday 12 May. We look forward to seeing you there!


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