My Life Has Become a Bunch of Sticky Notes!

Yellow, blue, pink, green and white all have meaning in the sticky note and time management world.  Yellow for priorities, blue for client work, pink for projects, green for renew and white for admin.  At first glance, my office wall could be mistaken to be a primary school classroom.

Truth be known though, this simple technique is part of a planning tool that revolutionises how to create a workflow that works, effortlessly.

A phenomenal organising template called Kanban is a board that visually tracks work items and activities.

As we know, business is made up of a lot of activities.

Activities like to do lists, planning schedules and priorities are the norm.  Rather than have them all floating around in your head or notepads that clutter desks.  This system designs all those tasks, tactics and actions onto a planning board and then the process enables you to step back and watch the magic work.

Every business, as in your life, is made up of rhythms.  You see it playing out in our seasons; in our calendar months and even the natural rhythm of night and day.

Ideally, working with rhythms can make your scheduling, planning and outcomes flow.

Workflow is paramount to productivity and performance.

The author of Flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says that one will not experience flow if distractions keep occurring and disrupt your focus.  Stepping away from attention robbers is a positive first move.

This is where the sticky notes come in.  The Kanban process is the key to removing all those distractions and will keep you in your flow.  Which is where your magic lives.

The visual accessory of the sticky notes and using the method of the Kanban ensures you can;

  • View important details about work items at a glance
  • Work with project deliverables smoothly and efficiently
  • Improve efficiency and keep bottlenecks away

For me, the less hassle in my day the better.  I want to be in my flow and find the path where the least resistance to my outcomes lie.  That said, it doesn’t mean I always have an easy ride, but I sure do maximise what I can.  When you are in your flow and personal rhythm, it is amazing what you can get done.