Progress: Backwards, Sideways, Forwards

We all know what it means when we hear ‘flattening the curve’. We know the cost it has been to ourselves, our family, our lives and to our country.

It’s been bloody hard work and the ‘iso’ idiosyncrasies made this linear progression work for our best outcome, our livelihood.

Us Aussies understand what it’s like to work together: by golly though, we have undergone a mammoth task through our withdrawal from each other to see the gratifying results of reduction in the COVID 19 threat.

However, progress is not always linear. That rear-view mirror perspective is a tough space to learn from and to go forward from. Sometimes ‘progress’ must be backwards before we can move forwards once again.

Our backward movement is felt by economic contraction, job losses, increased mental health issues, and deaths.

They say retrospectively speaking we learn a lot. It takes courage to see the possibilities of new pathways emerging (whilst watching your previous hard won gains fall away to nothing).

But if you think about it, the space is opening for all of us to see a shift occurring.  It’s happening in our family values; it’s showing up in our community values and, business owners are being introspective of their values in business, and what it means to be able to serve their customers.

This time is showing us that our shared sacrifice is helping to preserve our way of life and our lives. The gap is telling us something. The: what was, the what is, and, the what is becoming.

What do we have to learn to go forward again? What is in the rear-view mirror that we must take note of?

As we enter the new business landscape, we see new signposts showing us what could come. This is our defining moment. Problems are easiest solved once you have defined them.

Australia’s economy has been in pretty good shape before all this, and you and I both know Australians are resilient.

Yes, we must acknowledge the significant rise in our personal mental health issues, domestic violence as well as in the unemployment rate, by these metrics we have gone backwards.

However, together, as a whole, we are preparing for our come-back. Our bridge is being built. We are moving sideways and organising our priorities, so our forward progression will come back even stronger.

Our rear-view mirror is giving us all sorts of clues to rebuild. New sectors are being born. We have always known that our business sector is the lifeblood of our economy. So, what will be your transformation?

It’s an opportunity now to solve that problem, to re-invigorate. Often our greatest challenge turns out to be the most rewarding direction.

Let’s look for that prize.

If you’re in business, use your brand to inspire and uphold your business promise.  Use this time to re-visit your sales process, what wasn’t working before and rework it.

Remind your customers (and yourself) of your value and what you can deliver right now and when it’s time, in the future.

This time is multi-faceted.

You will go sideways, backwards, up, down, left and right but all the while you will, in fact, be moving forward.

It’s innate, and you will do it over and over again. Each point of directional change is an opportunity to do something different.

I hope you do.

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🙂 Sharon