From teaching business essentials to conducting fundamental business reviews and creating roadmaps for success, or succession, there are many ways Sharon Styman helps her clients grow their businesses.

With more than 20 years’ coaching experience, Sharon has developed a range of packages for her clients, including the following key offerings.

For more information, contact Sharon to discuss how she can help you and your business.

Sharon Styman Packages

Building Business Muscle –  This three-month program is built with the new-to-business in mind.  It’s packed with the essentials to get you where you need to early on and will help you start developing essential business fundamentals that will last you a lifetime.

Scale Your Business – A business owner has to scale their business before they grow, otherwise growth can just create growing problems.  This program is a six-month commitment which includes regular zoom meetings and a monthly analysis of your P&L and balance sheet.

Clarity Shaping – Being crystal clear helps you develop your vision and take productive action. This package is designed to help you make an immediate move forward and includes clarity and brainstorming sessions and an online coaching session.

Shifting Futures for Business Owners – This simple six-month program provides online training for business owners to enable them to understand and focus on the important aspects of running a business, from cash flow to leadership

Growth – This package will help you through the daunting process of growing your business. Its many offerings include a fundamental business review, a roadmap for success and two 60-minute coaching sessions for a minimum six-month period.

Results – Aimed at the advanced client looking for deeper richness in their business, this package is perfect for those keen to make sure everything works from the inside out as well as the outside in. Some may call it an exit strategy.  It includes a business review and a roadmap for success as well as action sheets, three coaching sessions a month and a monthly executive meeting.

Snapshot – The perfect approach for those who want a helicopter view of their business to identify the path to more success. It includes a business review and roadmap as well as two online coaching sessions.

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