The Force

Feminist minimal image

A roar is heard across oceans and has a tone that says, ‘don’t mess with me’.

The force of the feminine is rising and becoming known as badass and competitive, even attempting to fit into the world of the masculine.

The feminine is fearless and is the pure birthright of the woman.

I’ve seen it changing and watching it becoming women’s emerging way.  Instead of the pop feminism champions of who we were or thought we too had to be, we are currently moving toward and aspiring to fearlessness and emotional honesty instead.

This transitional roadmap is beautiful to watch.  Strong women making a stand, and you can understand why women felt it necessary to take on this masculine, badass way.  With many Hollywood movies rolling out and depicting the victimisation of women demonstrates clearly why we had to do what we did.

We had to stand up to the men, the ones that downgraded us and the ones who betrayed us and forced us into compromising even our own values.  We wanted to be counted for in a way that previous generations were not allowed.

The typical pendulum swing from one side to the other and now its movement is not so wide.  Somehow women are now allowing themselves to be more of their true nature.  Courageous, assertive and feminine.

That’s truly who we are.  A woman must be courageous simply to show up.  To speak her voice, show her craft, believe in herself.

Not all of us grow with role models to be proud of.  For most, have learnt the hard way.

We don’t need to break anymore balls, why the ‘real’ men out there need us to be our best.  The men who take advantage of women really are showing their own true weak nature and they are bullies and perverts.  Simple as that.

Stand back and listen to the roar, its not deafening, it’s simply saying no more. Proud to be a force for the feminine.

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