The Future You

The Past You, the Present You, and you who are ever changing.

Sounds a bit random, doesn’t it, bit out there?

But Future You is just as real as Past You.

The TV series ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ on SBS reviews the foundation of people’s lives by revealing their ancestry.

Genealogy they say break through walls to uncover personal family history and that this helps to uncover more about our innate selves.

For some, family histories bare unanswered questions; they create the ability to lull you into a contemplative turning point which can dynamically shift you’re the direction of your future.

In our modern world of dissecting, refining and forward planning, our lives are built on where we have been. This, in turn, helps to determine where we are going or where we want to go.

In business, financial forecasting and planning are viewed through a lens of historical perspective and analyses.  Monthly and quarterly evaluations occur to ascertain what actions worked and what actions didn’t.

We place a lot of focus on our past, so we can figure out our future. It seems the right way to do it.  But what if designing your future had nothing to do with your past?  What if  ‘Future You’ was someone who is nothing like ‘Past You’?

Regardless of what age you are right now, think back on who you were ten years ago, five years ago, even one year ago. Do you recognise that person, or maybe some traits of that person? There is only a faint trace of who I was at 20 now that I am in my 50’s.

Every day, we get the opportunity to start anew.  And, yes, we can review our yesterday to tweak our tomorrow, but is that enough?  Is that everything you need to do to really begin shaping and designing, the best Future You?

We know the fairy tale starts with ‘Once upon a time’… and it finishes with ‘happily ever after’ and what happens in between is dependent upon a lot of different and emergent settings.

The same is true in our businesses.  The combination of dynamic circumstances can alter our course and catapult the trajectory of our organisations into unknown waters.

The point is, we can change Future You.

Yes, a lot of factors are based on our past, our family’s history and our actual experiences and yet, we can alter our future course by deliberately choosing new habits, new values, new ways of reacting and of being.

Creating your ‘best’ Future You need not be hard or painful, it can be as simple as honouring yourself and your dreams.

Sometimes who we have become is more a direct result of our pasts and less the result of a conscious decision making process.

Who we want to become on the other hand, has the potential be an expression of our innate desire live a more honest, deeper and aligned expression of who we really are.

Enjoy creating Future You it’s coming your way, anyway.

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