The Power of a Circle

Who you hang out with will say a lot about you.

As a business owner, surrounding yourself with people who you admire, respect and are doing things well is to your advantage. To influence others in the best possible way means you have to be influenced in the best possible way.

Business owners lead.  It’s their job, your job. Teams follow leaders they admire and you are no different.

How you think, how you speak, your rituals, your habits speak volumes about your character.

Jim Rohn says; ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’

Look around and see who you hang out with the most. Are they people who challenge you / think the same as you / love to be in happy relationships / whinge and complain a lot? Are they active / not active, extrovert / introvert? Are they a mixture of these or are they all very similar?

If you are lucky enough to be able to count your closest and most trusted friends on one hand do a check in on who you hang out with the most, it will tell you a lot more about yourself.

What if the people you spend most of your time with are everything you don’t aspire to?

Preferably those in your closest circle are people you like to spend time with because you admire them in some way. You enjoy the conversations; you get challenged to do things that sometimes you may never have done, or you quite simply, just have fun together.

Your circle is your most influential power group. If you can’t talk to your friends on business, then look for some you can. Seek out those you look up to for some reason that you aspire to, because they eat super healthy, they train like you would like to train. They lead an awesome team and hit the mark regularly with what counts in their business. Even sourcing people who have incredible personal relationships – all these influences will shape you. Choose resourceful circles.

Who is in your circle will power you up. Decide who you want to be. Don’t get there by default, that’s the default.

Be deliberate in who you are becoming.

Only you can choose that.

And having people you admire around you will get you there.

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