Top 7 Questions to Ask a Business Coach

Looking to engage a Business Coach, but not sure where to start. Outlined below are some of the frequently asked questions with their answers:

How can a Business Coach help me?

Overall a Business Coach will focus on systems and accountability. Firstly though, it is important to check in with the business’s vision and mission and assess its compatibility with where the business is now. Then the next stage is to examine the systems and their viability. This highlights the strategies to be designed and implemented for business growth and success.

How do I choose a Business Coach?

This decision is a personal one and the best way to decide is to make sure you have a good rapport and knowing that your Business Coach has the best interests of your company and you in mind.

What credentials must a Business Coach have?

Ask the Business Coach what their qualifications are. Even if they have a lot of initials after their name, it doesn’t always mean that this is should qualify them. Check to see where they have studied and how long they have been working as a Business Coach. Check on their experience and what success they have had in the past. If they are going to move your business into its next phase, you want to know that they have done it for themselves also.

What format does Business Coaching take?

Coaching is different from consulting. Coaching uses a series of continuing and ongoing questions to arrive at your own conclusions and answers that work for your business. Depending on the program, Business Coaching works together with you on your business in a 3, 6 or 12-month package. The preference is to work together for 12-months to see real and lasting change and growth.

How much does Business Coaching cost?

It does depend on the program and having a Business Coach is less expensive than you might think. For the cost of a part-time person, a Business Coach works with you to boost revenues and profits, create and streamline processes and develop more effective and efficient systems. In fact, working to ‘find their fee’ and pay for the costs of services within a period of several months.

Will a Business Coach really work for my business?

In a word, Yes. Because of the proven and systemised set of strategies that have worked for thousands of different types of businesses all over the world. A systemised process and approach can also work for your company. If the business owner has an open mind, a willingness to change and adapt to new strategies, then the rest is guaranteed.

Will I know if the Business Coach is effective?

Yes. The evidence will be seeing your business run better, earn more profit and attract better customers and creating a better team. If these criteria are being demonstrated then you will know that the coaching process is being effective and your criteria for success is being achieved.


If you are ready to engage a business coach, then please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your needs and how we could work together.

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