The Up-Rising of Your Personal Power

Using your personal influence for self-empowerment, advancement and expansion

Personal power is based on strength, confidence, and competence that individuals gradually acquire in the course of their development. It is self-assertion, and a natural, healthy striving for love, satisfaction, and meaning in one’s interpersonal world.

True personal power comes from within. It is something we all possess, but it takes work to develop and to practice. It requires your conscious and deliberate choice to reach for and hold on to your very own inner power and resourcefulness.

This is a 12-week virtual weekly 1:1 program.  It’s purpose is to guide you along a journey to support you at a time when uncertainty is rampant.  The only certainty one can attain is by commencing on the journey inward. Exploring the adventure of your own life to source out the diamonds that are lying dormant within you.

You will be guided along the road less travelled knowing your guide already is anticipating the road ahead and what tools you need to sharpen to negotiate the terrain.

This is ultimately The Hero’s Journey. 

You are the hero and this is your journey.

Each week your lessons will provide the sustenance and nurturing required to accept the challenges on your pathway.  With every acceptance of the challenge, the greater your growth and understanding of your very own deep personal power,

Greater freedom comes along when our own struggles and challenges can be released.  Settling into our natural foundation of personal wisdom and self-empowerment provides a resourcefulness inside of us to withstand any external pressure that comes our way.


The program is made up of 4 Quadrants and each quadrant is composed of 3 lessons.

Quadrant 1: YOU

Week 1:         Your Mastermind

Week 2:         Cause & Effect

Week 3:         Turning Points

Quadrant 2: OTHERS

Week 4:         Desires

Week 5:         Drives

Week 6:         Alignment

Quadrant 3: THE WORLD

Week 7:         Management Team

Week 8:         Your Plan

Week 9:         Flow

Quadrant 4: HOME

Week 10:       Spiritual; Emotions & Meanings

Week 11:       Up-Rising

Week 12:       Truth & Expansion


Your investment for this 12 weeks private 1:1 coaching program is $4,500.00 (incl GST).