There’ll be days like these …

Why is it that we can be our very worst enemy or our very best friend?

Why do some ‘make’ it in life, some cruise through life and then others live through tragedy and even become tragic them selves?

Some work hard and never seem to gain ground, whilst others work equally hard and move ahead in leaps and bounds.

Conundrums in our life occur relentlessly and often don’t make sense.

My inquisitive nature has always led to me to ask more and more questions about why things occur. It has led me along a pathway of self-inquiry, constant learning and many rewarding, but challenging, opportunities.

My journey of enquiry started early, in my 20’s and the journey has taken me to many extraordinary places.

I realised our own ‘deeper nature’ has the surest potential for unlocking the World’s many mysteries. When we work ‘with ourself’, we really do have the possibility of accomplishing many great things.

One such journey took me to business school. The understanding I acquired there to this day remains one of my most satisfying realisations. I recognised that becoming a business owner presented the opportunity to achieve a life of freedom.

It sounds like a contradiction, and it is, but the underlying truth is that when business is done well, it holds unlimited promise to unlock your dreams.

I know that sounds corny – yet it is true.  The thing is, you don’t have to be aiming at the top or at the circles of the elite to feel the sense of freedom. You can simply choose to be commanding and creating the life you really want to be living through deft management of your business.

Yes, obstacles present themselves, but they always do anyway.

I’ve managed to create my ‘perfect match’ career, by combining the formal business knowledge with my own personal inquiry and development. These two paths of study combining into a balancing act that works exceptionally well to support and guide others who also want to create their ‘perfect match’ careers.

My best outcome is working with a business owner who has started their business from a passion, or out of necessity and, though grit and determination, have found a way to make it work through the challenging first few years and who now, with a bit more perspective, can see where they want to take the business but who are just not sure how to get it to that next stage.

Sometimes it’s as easy as a review of what is currently working and what is not.  Sometimes the weight of all the obstacles, the staff, the distractions and the day to day decision making has left business owners jaded, reactive and despondent so much so that the simplest of decisions become yet another mountain to climb.

Van Morrison sings, ‘There’ll be days like this’. There are plenty of days when it feels like being in a holding pattern.

The value of working with someone like me is equal to having a secret weapon available to you.

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