Thriving Under Fire – Part II

So how do we start to do that?

If you’re a boss, a worker, a mum, a dad, a sister, a brother, a daughter or a son, then I reckon there’s some tips worth knowing that could help you to deal with the next (deemed) emotional threat.

Emotions, it seems rise out of thin air and they always have a purpose and are telling us something. The question to ask yourself is; why am I reacting that way?

In Mick’s case the situation caused an almighty physical response, – geez, he was fighting for his life. So, you would expect that rush of emotional activity to fight back hard.

But say you’re at work and someone does or says something and you find your emotions rising out of thin air. What can you do to be more in control of your behaviours so you don’t overreact?  In doing so, you allow your self time for the hardwiring to reach your rational mind so you can act accordingly.

Well, to improve your emotional response, you will be pleased know all you need to do to start is practicing your very own self-awareness.

It sounds boring and droll, but by creating your own self-awareness is the beginning of many great things. I think we have all known someone who just does not have any filters and blurts out an array of delights from their mouth, which once out, cannot be taken back.

The point of power is always within yourself. You are the only one who can change how you feel and how you respond to anything.

So self-management skills are highly sought after, and they are especially important to have if you are in a position of leadership. Whether you are a parent or a boss or a team leader, knowing who you are and what makes you tick will go a long way to enabling you to flourishing under fire.

Understanding and noticing your emotions will help when you are under fire, because if you don’t take that time to understand yourself at a deeper lever, then your emotions can hijack your rational thought, especially when the pressure is on and the stakes are high, and losing it in these moments can cause you to end up some deep manure!

Not sure if you would have known this but, emotional intelligence is so critical to success that it accounts for almost 60% of performance in all types of job. It is a major predictor of performance in the workplace and one of the strongest drivers for leadership and personal excellence.

That is a pretty cool statistic, particularly if you are creating a deliberate and full life.

Self-awareness translates to self-management and results in personal competency. Being in charge of you and your responses to situations and circumstances all build to supporting your social competency.

Social competency is made up of social awareness (keeping filters firmly in their place), and then the knock-on effect from this is the relationships you nurture.  Since life and business is all built on relationship management you simply have to start with yourself.

Hence your life voyage is all about you. Use you wisely and enjoy it!

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🙂 Sharon.